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Hey friends,

I started this blog to share my heart and passion for writing, life, and Jesus. I believe in talking about hard things with grace and love. Honestly, I think the internet is a hard place to find that balance. It's so important to me that we're able to be real and vulnerable with the people in our lives and communities. I wear my heart on my sleeve for this very reason. When we hide our struggles, we give in to shame. When we hide our joy, we miss out on celebrating. God didn't intend for it to be this way. He wants us shame-free and thriving in this life He's given us to live. This blog is a place where I spill my heart out with all of its imperfections hoping that you find something in it that resonates with you. Maybe it's advice on a certain situation. Maybe it's seeing things from a perspective you hadn't thought of. Maybe it's validation that you are seen and loved and enough. Whatever it is you're looking for, I pray that this blog would bless you. Scroll down, look around, and say hello!


meet morgan

I believe in: Jesus, animal print, glitter, monograms, tacos, books, fighting against systemic racism, singing in the shower, driving with the windows down, the Blue Ridge Mountains, asking for help, cowboy boots, writing, red wine, being vulnerable, a color-coded planner, grace, the Hokies, de-stigmatizing mental illness, dark nail polish, laughing until my sides hurt, joining people in their struggles, & road trips.


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