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My Creative Nonfiction class in the fall of 2017 focused on vulnerability, incorporating research into essays, and learning to write to prompts. This essay was assigned as a "color" essay. I wanted to write about a complex color, and so as I began doing research, I decided on infrared. For me, the scientific facts about infrared so clearly resembled my experience with depression. That's what this essay tries to show. 


me too


My sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma, solicited submissions for sisters to come forward and share their #MeToo stories, giving us a platform to speak out about our experiences with sexual harassment and/or assault. My story is a mild story in comparison to so many stories of assault, but I submitted it to show how even harassment can be damaging, especially for young women in the professional world. It's on page 22 in the magazine.




I wrote "Vapors" as a challenge for myself. Writing flash fiction is difficult for me, because it has to be impeccably focused on the right details so that the reader can do the work of reading between the lines. The Vignette Review specializes in flash fiction, so I wrote the piece to a prompt and decided if it didn't get accepted, I'd expand the story and send it elsewhere. I'm proud to say it was selected for publication in Nov 2017.


Mother Goddesses

Published in May 2017 in Allegory Ridge, "Mother Goddesses" is a short story about the baggage we all carry and how we learn to live with it. The story follows the main character as she boards a plane and travels to India on a study abroad trip hoping that the change in perspective will change how she sees herself. 


Newfoundland diaspora

The Atwater Library & Computer Centre in Westmount, Quebec, hosted a contest for Canada's 150th Canada Day celebration. Inspired by my family's membership to the Mi'kmaq tribe and the recent denial of blood status from the government, I wrote this 150 word poem and was a runner-up for the contest. 


Food truck rodeo

My first piece officially accepted for publication was "Food Truck Rodeo," about a teenage girl on the eve of her eighteenth birthday still coping with the death of her mother. In this story, I wanted to explore the idea of how shared history with others affects our present and our future and how grief is a continuous process with no clear road map. 


New Imprint seeks to address racial disparity in publishing

I am the Director of Publicity for 2040 Books, an imprint of The Sante Fe Writer's Project. The editor of the imprint is one of my MFA professors. I interviewed him and wrote this article to introduce the imprint to the world. 


The Odyssey


In college, I had the opportunity to write for The Odyssey, a newspaper written by and for students in Greek Life. I wrote on topics ranging from March Madness (and my complete lack of bracket strategy) to how I organize my schedule (lots of to-do lists) and feminism (when I was discovering what feminism is).