Below, you can find information about and links to my published work.


Mother Goddesses

Published in May 2017 in Allegory Ridge, "Mother Goddesses" is a short story about the baggage we all carry and how we learn to live with it. The story follows the main character as she boards a plane and travels to India on a study abroad trip hoping that the change in perspective will change how she sees herself. 


Newfoundland diaspora

The Atwater Library & Computer Centre in Westmount, Quebec, hosted a contest for Canada's 150th Canada Day celebration. Inspired by my family's membership to the Mi'kmaq tribe and the recent denial of blood status from the government, I wrote this 150 word poem and was a runner-up for the contest. 


Food truck rodeo

My first piece officially accepted for publication was "Food Truck Rodeo," about a teenage girl on the eve of her eighteenth birthday still coping with the death of her mother. In this story, I wanted to explore the idea of how shared history with others affects our present and our future and how grief is a continuous process with no clear road map. 


New Imprint seeks to address racial disparity in publishing

I am the Director of Publicity for 2040 Books, an imprint of The Sante Fe Writer's Project. The editor of the imprint is one of my MFA professors. I interviewed him and wrote this article to introduce the imprint to the world.