Summer Reading 2016

Teaching doesn’t leave much time for reading. Since 2016 started, I’ve read 13 books, which for me, is actually a decent amount. The school year ended a few days ago (that’s right, I’m free!), so I’ve put together a list of books for me to FINALLY read this summer. Most of them have been sitting on my nightstand for months, so I’m excited to start reading them, one by one.


I know this book is old, but despite picking it up and almost reading it multiple times throughout my life, I still never have. A good friend of mine from home lent it to me with the promise that I read it, since it’s one of his favorite books of all times. I’ll confess that I actually have no idea what it's about, but I hope that makes it an even better read.



 I broke my cardinal rule with this book. I actually watched the movie first. I was really intrigued but ultimately unsatisfied. I wanted to know more. I’ve always been interested in how people are able to make enough sense of their lives to make it into some sort of seamless story.

I studied abroad in India in college. Since then, I’ve been captivated by the country. My roommate recommended this book, which is predominately about the city Mumbai. Though I studied in Kolkata, I’m sure there are still many things that will remind me of my time in India and why I want to go back.


I want to be a young adult author, but somehow, I’ve never read one of the most iconic young adult novels of all time. This is definitely a wrong that will be righted – soon!


Honestly, how could you not want to read this book? It’s all about taking control of your own life and realizing your potential and acting on it. As I move into grad school, these are definitely things I want to make sure I’m doing. Plus, I love a good self-help book, and this one seems a little more light-hearted than most.

Again, another book I somehow let slip through my fingers for years. I bought it earlier this year, but put it away, since I was struggling with some depression and anxiety. But I’m feeling much better, and I’m ready to dive into it.


 I’m an introvert, so no one really has to convince me of the power that introverts harness. However, this book and Cain's TED talk really started the introvert revolution. I'm excited to read the research behind what I know to be true for myself.

I’ve heard so many great things about this book. I heard an interview from the author on a podcast, and it really sparked my interest. I’ve learned so much about race and privilege in the past two years, but I have a lot more learning left to do. I know this will be a challenging book for me to read, but I also know it’s a book I NEED to read.

I discovered this book when I was accepted into the MFA program at the University of New Orleans. I went to visit, and the director of the program’s book was sitting there, autographed! I read the first few pages, and was instantly captivated by the power of the writing. I can’t wait to continue if the first few pages were that beautiful.


This book takes place in rural Virginia, my home! I’m always down to read a book where I feel like I can really picture the setting! The premise is also intriguing, as some of my favorite novels are boarding school novels.




Hopefully I’ll read way more than those 10 books this summer, but we’ll just have to see how it goes! I’ll be posting reviews as I read, so stick around!